The Song of Swords Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Song


-2 years after the prologue-

“Big Brother, I will soon follow you. Wait for me!”

Earlier that day, a 100 man commander stopped by Fire Hill Village, and had purchased Dou Di from the master for the hefty price of 4 thousand small fire shards. Despite not being able to enter the first level of Absorption due to his lack of a Song to train with, Dou Di had reached the threshold required to do so. All he required was a Song, which the Army would provide him with. In short, the Army had basically gained themselves a candidate for the Burning Legion. As for Songs, the Kingdom had thousands upon thousands, with more being written each day.

For a slave like Dou Di, this was an outcome that he had dreamed about for many years. Which brings us to the current moment, where Jia Yuan and Dou Di were exchanging their goodbyes in preparation for Dou Di’s departure.

“Ha, you idiot, who would wait for you? You better keep training hard or you might not be able to surpass me! Ha!” Dou Di offered some brave words of encouragement, but in his heart he was also slightly sad that he would have to leave this brother of his behind.

After the goodbyes were said and Dou Di left, Jia Yuan headed back to the location where he and his brother frequently sparred, and gazed at the field with sad eyes and a hollow heart.

I’ll see you in two years, brother. 

He then headed out west, opposite the direction of the main village. He headed into the nearby forest and started sprinting. He and Dou Di had both reached the peak of martial training without Songs, at which point the Master knew that he could sell them for four thousand small fire shards. The Master was very happy, and allowed the two of them to explore the surroundings when they pleased. The place where Jia Yuan liked to explore the most, was the forest.

The day before, he had discovered a cave, but given that it was nearing nighttime when he found it, he had decided to come back the day after.

I should be getting close to the cave by now.

After another 5 minutes, Jia Yuan found the cave, and cautiously walked in. It was very dark, so Jia Yuan quickly used a fire ember (a commonly found, cheap item in the Fire Kingdom used for starting fires) on a stick to create a torch. He then continued on.

It seemed to be a rather deep cave, and Jia Yuan walked for about a full minute before he stopped. In front of him was a rather large bear, standing slightly taller than Jia Yuan himself, body rippling with muscle.

Jia Yuan smiled to himself. It seems that this will be good practice. He quickly drew his wooden sword, placed his torch on the ground, and took a stance. Then he waited.

The bear quickly lumbered toward Jia Yuan, and tried to tackle Jia Yuan with a swiping motion.

Jia Yuan saw this, and jumped to the right, dodging the swipe. At the same time, he swung the wooden sword at the bear’s eyes.

Jia Yuan had sparred for so many years with Dou Di. As such, the speed of the bear, while frightening to a commoner, was far below his own. As such, his sword hit true and slashed through the eyes of the bear, effectively blinding it.

WIth that, the bear had already lost.

Jia Yuan quickly dashed around the bear while slashing again and again with his sword. Despite never learning a Song, he was still fairly adept at performing a Dance with his sword. After performing about 10 slashes over the course of 4 seconds, he stopped. The bear’s body was crisscrossed with bloody scars, a testament to Jia Yuan’s skill. Although others may have had trouble with the bear even with a metal weapon, he was able to swiftly take down the bear with a wooden sword.

Well, I guess it wasn’t that good of practice. Maybe I’ll meet a stronger creature later…

Jia Yuan picked up his torch and continued further down the cave. After another minute, there was a hole in the floor of the cave, leading deeper into the ground. I wonder what could be down there… guess I’ll take a look.

He jumped down into the hole and started descending. After a short descent, he arrived at a room in the cave.

For some reason, there was a pillar in the middle of the cave. Strangely enough, the pillar and the area around it was illuminated, even though there was no light entering this room.

Jia Yuan felt drawn towards the pillar, and walked toward it with large strides.

Can this be? Can this really be??

Jia Yuan felt rather incredulous, for on the pillar was a scroll covered in symbols.

It was a Song.