Chapter 1

Prepare to go to War

Regnum City: the biggest and boldest settlement on the face of Planet Monarch. It practically rose up from nothingness overnight. A group of extremely powerful men came in unannounced, and a city had taken root. This kind of action was a challange to the major powers of Monarch. They could not tolerate it, but there was little up for discussion. No matter how much others tried, the illusive 9 never came out of Regnum tower, and they never announced any sort of interest.

Monarch could not be considered to be a large planet, it was only 200 million miles in circumference, with only a single continent, and a vast lake at the center of it. There were 50 countries on Monarch, and Regnum City surfaced in one of these 50 countries: Illume Kingdom. In fact, its location was fairly close to the capital of the kingdom, only 10,000 miles apart.

While the Illume lord chose to neglect the mysterious city’s emergence, there were many smaller factions within the Kingdom who saw this appearance as heresy and sought to eliminate Regnum City.

“667 attacks… and this is day 5 of coming here. Will one of you assholes go and teach them not to mess with us!!!” A black man wearing silver armor and wielding a golden blade stood at the center of a vast hall facing 5 others, who didn’t look at all interested in even looking at the black male. On the wall to the right showed a black rhino horned creature destroying parts of the city, going on a rampage.

“Why are you being this loud?!” The black haired man wearing glasses looked at chase, looking slightly annoyed. He raised his hand towards the screen. Mass of shadows suddenly emerged from underneath the rhino horned, and consumed the creature despite its best efforts to break free or fight back. “There, done. If you are so concerned about your precious city, then hire some body-guards! We are not even part of it, you and I!”

“Shit who was it that said we would conquer this world?” The black man raised his sword in anger. An aura of dazzling golden light now covered his sword, “Tell me Low…before I obliterate your existence from this puny universe!”

“You think you can?!” Low asked, as his entire figure became covered in shadow, with glowing yellow eyes.

“Calm down guys…” The Bushy bearded man said, sighing. “And I agree with chase…it’s about time we went out.”

The shadows surrounding Low receded, and Chase rested his sword. “Then we go,” Low said.

A mass of shadow covered the six of them, and they sank deep into the ground. When they resurfaced, it was within the court of Illume Lord Jerome.

“Drop,” The White haired man among the six of them said, and instantly, over 90% of everyone present in the court fell down, unconscious. Only Lord Illume, and 2 of his advisers remained standing. They weren’t affected. “So there are people of ability on this puny planet after all!” He laughed.

“Enough, Taylor.” Chase said in an assertive tone, stepping forward.

“I assume the Lord of Regnum City?” Jerome asked with a big smile on his face. His advisers narrowed their eyes. They could practically sense the murderous intend the white haired male was oozing, and it was enough to keep them on guard.

“Acting Master….but yes; I am the leader of who you see with me.” Chase nodded as he replied.

“We want you to surrender your Kingdom to Regnum City,” Low said.

“You are….insane!” The startled Lord Illume was rendered speechless. Not even the Lords of the 49 Kingdoms could force him to adhere to such a thing. This mysterious city was asking him to abdicate?

“We are not asking you to step down from being the Lord of your country.” Chase continued to speak. “In fact.. we will help you become the overlord of this planet. But you answer to us…you will do whatever we ask of you.”

“This matter should remain between the nine of us!” Lord Illume smiled as he nodded.

“Then we were never here!” Chase laughed as he looked at Taylor. Taylor nodded, and they left the premise.

“My lord…are we really going to let them control us?” Lord Illume’s adviser, Maxim asked

Illume nodded, “They were not people even the 3 0f us combined can face off against. They might have looked harmless, but my Divine Sense could not even get close to them. If they wanted, they could annihilate me and just take over the Kingdom by force. They obviously have other more [greater things] they need to deal with. As long as I do what they want, I refuse to believe they will meddle in my affairs, and the affairs of our Kingdom.”

Indeed, Illume had great foresight. The progenitors of Regnum City had other more pressing concerns at hand.

“That went easier than I had hoped it would,” Chase laughed, sitting in his throne.

“That man was cleverer than I had hoped,” Taylor laughed.

“As long as he do as we want, I have no problem letting him rule this puny world,” All of a sudden, a long blonde haired man came walking into the room. He wore plain clothes, yet exuded an aura of magnificence.

“Nori,” Chase stood up from where he sat,

“Call me Ryan,” He said, shaking his head.

“What are you doing here?” Taylor asked,

“Just doing a routine check, I guess. Three months. In three months, War of Worlds will begin, and registration begins in 2. Can you conquer this planet before then?”

“Not if we follow this wuss’s plans,” Both Low and Taylor said in unison, as they looked at Chase.

“I hate you both!” Chase said, shaking his head in annoyance. “No, I am confident we will have this world in our grasp before then,”

“You had better not disappoint,” Ryan said, before turning around, and then disappeared in a zap.

“Taylor, Low, we will go and meet Illume now. Ein, Zadion; you both will start constructing S grade artifacts, Karab, you are on stand-by.” Chase walked towards Taylor and Low.

Low transported the three of them into Illume’s court again. “You surround yourself with too many people Lord Illume,” Low said, slightly annoyed that Taylor had to knock a large group of people into sleep. He’d then have to erase their memories.

“We do not have much time and we want to dissolve the Kingdoms of this world into one as soon as possible,” Chase came straight to the point. “I want you to give us a map of all the Kingdoms, and also a plan to conquer everyone within 2 months,”

“Two months, but m-lords… to transport our army alone would take more than two months!”

“Two months in the Celestial Domain equates to 200 years in the mortal realm….Chase.. or did you forget that?” Taylor asked, laughing.

“C-Celestial Domain?!” Lord Illume was shocked and scared upon hearing this. The Celestial Domain was a place of legends, the realm of the gods. Why would a bunch of gods from the Celestial Domain come down to their Mortal World?

“Thanks for stating the obvious Taylor…but if we are to go against other clans, we need to upgrade this world to something we can use in the war.”

“Two hundred years wouldn’t be enough,” Low nodded.

“Mi-lord…are you preparing to go to war?” Illume asked.

“We are at war…you cannot see the bigger picture yet…but I assure you, if you serve us well; we will not just give you a world. We will give you countless opportunities to get stronger as well.” Chase said with a smile.

“I will do as you command,” Illume said and solemnly bowed to Chase, as his master.

“The title of Dream is not wasted on you my man,” Low laughed as they returned to their tower in Regnum City.

“The ability to instill hope, courage and fortitude in people, never underestimate this ability,” Chase said. “Busy days are coming, and we need to be prepared for this thing!

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