Chapter 2 – Tournament for God

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Ever since I was born, I knew nothing but war. I was born to a small village on the border of Illume Kingdom. Only about 20 miles from the west of my village is the border between Kayl Kingdom. I was 10 when the war started. My home was burned to the ground by Kayl soldiers, I saw women get raped, and men get tortured and killed. My mother and a bunch of other women were taken in carts across border, I was so very helpless even to defend myself.

My mother was a strong woman. She forced my father to protect me and my sister while she stayed behind and distracted our assailants. Father has not been able to forgive himself ever since, and neither have I been able to forgive him. It’s been 15 years since this incident. And today is the day.

Hundreds of young and hot blooded men like myself line up in front the grand colloseum of gods in Regnum City in order to register for the tournament. Top 50 finalists in this tournament was being given an opportunity to become one of the gods of Regnum Dei’s Gods of War. I have to be the one. I just need to. Ten years ago, Kayle Empire had fallen, but no trace of my mother or any of the village woman were found. We searched frantically, even for the whiff of a bone. We found a very cold trace, but it lead millions of kilometers to the other side of Monarch.

This tournament will help me get close to finding my mother. As the apprentice of a God, I hope to be given the freedom to move through the world unhindered. Ten years. I’ve trained relentlessly for 10 years under the tutelage of my grandmother.

I clenched my fists as hard as I could, as I stuck to the snail’s pace in which the queue progressed. “Mother, just wait for me!”

Finally after two hours, I’ve arrived at a desk, behind which a leather armored white haired maiden sat, with pen and papers, signing us in to the tournament. “Name?” She asked as I stopped and turned to face her.

“Tyr” I responded to her question.

“Weapons, Mr. Tyr?” She looked at me, with “that look”. I get that all the time. Skinny brat, not even 6 feet tall, black hair, brown eyes, wearing baggy shirt and torn pants, looking as pale as a corpse.

“These…” I forwarded my clenched fists, “are my weapons, fair maiden,”

She laughed at my enthusiasm, “Very well Mr. Tyr, please proceed to the waiting lounge.” She pointed right towards an extremely big man guarding a door. I moved along her instructions. The man nodded and opened the door to let me in.

It was an extremely large, and noisy hall. People like us. We can’t be trusted to keep a calm in these sort of situations.

“You are looking at a future God’s apprentice!” A big green hulk of a man was bellowing as I took sat on a bench behind him, placed against the wall. Most of us were sitting down talking to each other, while some were already sizing each other up. Eventually, we were going to have to fight and defeat, and if you are unlucky, you could die in this tournament. After all, the only rule of the tournament was to survive, and put your skills on display. Weapons, lethal or non-lethal were allowed.

Dad urged me to take a weapon with me. Weapons in my opinion are not but a liability. I wouldn’t trust them to do anything that I wouldn’t be capable of doing with my bare hands. You might even call me arrogant, but I’m just cool like this, you know?

A gentle tap on my shoulder startled me out of my daydream. I glanced sideways, to see a girl staring back at me, “You looked like you were going to murder someone,”

“Maybe I will!” I said. This girl, she looked slightly shorter than me, red hair and gray eyes, she wore a green tank top and black shorts. Extremely well-toned muscles on arm and legs, a fighter class, but she did carry a dagger, fastened around her waist with a belt. Most likely rogue class. Dangerous up close, but fairly easy to dispose of.

“Dangerous, you are actually measuring me,” She looked at me seriously. I wondered, was I really that obvious? Can’t be. Not many would know what I was thinking on first glance. This girl has some qualities. I would indeed need to keep an eye on this girl.

“Of course not lady!” I smiled, removing any malicious thought from my mind. “I am merely going to try to win this mundane tournament,”

She laughed, then stood up and edged away, both arms spread apart, gesturing in my general direction.

Oh no.. I misjudged this viper. She’s going to strike a blow at me. Of course, I am not surrendering so easily. I jumped to my feet, and slipped behind the green hulk, and hid from view. Flee! Zigzagging through the ground, I headed to the far end of the massive hallway.

“You are not very fun,” As soon as I sat down on a bench, a tap on my shoulder alerted to the presence of this woman. “Why did you run?”

“Do I know you, mistress?” I put on an act. “I think you have me mistaken for someone else,” I said, sounding extremely casual. My luck I guess. I have attracted the worst kind of woman in the history of womanhood.

“Rose Wilson.” She sighed, then said.

Is she testing me? I thought twice before replying, “Tyr Mcdohl,”

“Relax champ, I was only playing a prank on you….” She dragged her body closer along the bench, our shoulders touching.

“Zombie brat…do you mind moving? that spot, and that lady, I am reserving!” A brawny 7 foot tall giant who was at least 2 feet wide came up, and was being polite enough.

“Excuse me..!!” Rose stood up in protest.

I took this chance to slip away, “She’s all yours big guy,” I went and stood on the next bench, far away from Rose.


Moments after, there was the sounds of snapping, and the a loud bang that followed. I pretended not have seen it. It was rose. He’d snapped the guys arm with a kick and a twist in the wrong way. Quick, vicious and effective. And then she stood on top of him, one leg on his face as he screamed in pain, “Lay a hand on me again, pig…and I will make you a woman!”

Quite a few people gathered to watch the show. Of course they were only laughing. At the state he was in, if he still want to continue in the tournament, he’d be walking to his death.

We had to wait 3 more hours before all of us were assembled inside the arena, where a man in golden armor was to address us. We knew who he was: Lord of Illume Kingdom, Lord Illume himself.

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