Chapter 4 – Regnum City

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Lord Illume treated us with a lot of care. Each of us was afforded a room all to ourselves. Enough resting. After a good night’s sleep, I headed out on to the streets. I needed a breather, and Regnum City is a legendary city built by gods. I only got into the city on the pretense of this tournament. Normally, no commoners are allowed in.

Big strange buildings that look like they are made out of glass. Strange things fly all over the city. This is unlike I’ve ever seen in my life. I heard, these structures were not around when the city first appeared. Back then, it was much more… “open” or so they say.

As I turn a corner towards the market, I had someone running towards me. At my general direction anyway. Behind him, an older man was in pursuit, yelling, “Stop! Thief! Stop!”

No one seemed to care though. I inentionally bumped a shoulder into his chest. We collided harder than I anticipated, and to my shock, the guy just kept going as he had brushed me aside, laughing.

I liked a good challange. I got back to my feet, and started running after him. The old guy followed not one feet behind me, “Hey Mr. What did he steal anyway?”

“Give it up idiots! You ain’t catching me!” This guy, wearing red pants and a red shirt, he was talking back to us.

“My daughter’s ring…he stole my treasure!” The old man roared.

We ran after this guy through a crowd that didn’t seem to care.

“Come on Tyr! You are an animal! Hunt!” Grandmoms voice repreminded me in my head.

Got to be faster. Cheetah! Slowly but surely I lowered myself to the ground, beginning to run on all fours. I am a hunter. Hunting my pray! All it took was a few good movements, and I’d caught this guy. Suddenly stopping in front of him, I pounced towards his head.


His clenched fist hit the side of my head, on my ear. I was thrown across the street, and nearly collided with a huge moving thing.

By the time I got up, he had attacked the old man, turning his attention to me.

“I wasn’t planning to kill anyone.. but you have forced me.” As he stepped off the pavement, he tore off a G.I pipe from the sidewalk’s guard rail as if it were a twig.

“Trouble!” And my instincts told me I needed to escape. So without second thoughts, I started running off in the other direction.

But this guy was too fast. As soon as I’d begun, I felt a kick to my head, and I went tumbling and broke through the glass door of a building. Frantic cries of people fleeing outside filled my ears. It was not of my own accord that I got up after being hit this hard. It was instinct.

“You dare offend a God…you will learn its consequences.” When I turn, this golden haired youth faced me, smirking.

“Fuck off…” I said. A most basic taunt.

He fell for it. For one who deemed a god, he was easy to tick off. And he charged at me. I wanted him to do that. Dodging his right hand, I elbowed his throat, then kneed him between the legs, and grabbed his extended arm, and slammed him to the ground by twisting it. Right as I was about to smash his face in, and possibly kill him, his entire body turned to vapor and disappeared.

I didn’t walk out of this conflict unharmed. I had a couple bruises on me from being smashed through a glass window, and my left ear was bleeding…from being punched by that guy the first time. Nothing I can’t heal from though, but it left a ringing sensation, a headache.

However, before I could step out of this building I was punched into, laughter rang from behind me. Turning back, I saw a mass of shadow staring at me, with the face of the guy who had previously turned to vapor.

“Die!” He said, and shadow en-mass, they charged at me. It was like a wave that sought to drown me out.Waves upon waves of shadow entered my body through my mouth.

I never stopped to struggle. Soon, I was in complete darkness. It was dark, creepy, and lonely. And yet, the strangest feelings kept hitting me. I felt like I could hear things…feel things….and touch things I didn’t know even existed. This sort of surreal experience….and then all of a sudden, I woke up, sweating badly. I was in my bed. Turning to the clock on the wall, it was morning, around 8 AM… on the day that I had already lived? Or was it simply a dream.

Weird dream.

“Preliminary results are in, Chase. I’ve already singled out suitable hosts.Bypass the process of elimination?” Ein asked.

“No.” Chase shook his head. “I want to see them in action,”

Day 1

After breakfast, I met Rose, and told her about the weird dream I had. She also had a dream, but hers was different. From what she told me, she’d been devoured by a half-man half-tiger life form. Crazy.

That dream made me realize 3 days is not enough to prepare myself for the tournament. There were going to be people who were much faster and stronger me in there. People like Rose Wilson could prove extremely difficult to deal with. I needed to be top shape entering the arena in 3 days.

“Follow me, I know a place we can use” Rose had a plan as soon as I’d told her what I intended to do. Should I really trust her? I mean, it had only been 1 day since I’ve known her. On the other hand, we did indeed share a lot of life & death battles together, and I couldn’t help but develop a form of instinctual trust in her.

After about 15 minutes of walk down an extremely lively street, we reached an old dojo, a sort of fight club, evident by the board on the front gate: “Killer Dojo”.

She lead me in, and down a flight of stares. Metal doors lead into a well-lit fighting ground.

“This is the friend you were talking about?” An odd fellow greeted us, standing roughly in the middle of the room. He wore a white uniform and black shoes. Long red hair and gray eyes, “Is he your brother or something?” I asked Rose.

“Step-brother,” Rose corrected me, “Meet Damien Wilson, my mentor and the only living relative I have on this planet!” She smiled as she had went ahead and hugged him.

“So…you two are actually FROM Regnum City.” I said.

They nodded towards me,

“You will know…in time.” Damien did not explain anything. “For now, I trust you need a sparring partner, or someone to teach you some new tricks?” He came straight to the point.

“Right you are,” I nodded.

“Well you two…I want you to come at me, and try to kill me!” Damien acquired a fighting stance, “I will not go easy,”

I looked at Rose. She only sighed, and I understood he probably really wanted us to go at him. Of course, I wasn’t quite ready to believe he could take on us both. But, only after 5 seconds, both of us were laid bare on the ground. He smiled at us from on top, “You’ve died twice already,”

What sort of trick? He didn’t move a millimeter until my fist was practically a hairs breadth away from his face. And then somehow, my punch had missed him like his face was never there to begin with. At the same that he grabbed my hair, he’d grabbed Rose by her throat, and he’d slammed the both of us into each other before throwing us onto the ground. And he did this with a smile on his face.

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